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More to the point, the federal government doesn't want a state to spend its revenue on wasteful projects and then ask for federal grants to do proper state work.

states therefore tend to focus on the typical state issues on the ground and not go all extraterritorial..

Any one satellite must always be useful to many states and it would not be politic to just go and do something for themselves, they'd have difficulty getting approvals from the feds, and even if they went international, to bypass FAA approval or something, that wouldn't work, but even if they were simply buying an already launched satellite .. there'd be a federal law .. quickly.. what I mean is the current lack of law is just because states don't do this. There is no need for a law because it just doesn't happen. The lack of a law doesn't mean that the feds wouldn't create it .. they could easily create it if they had a trigger to create it. , satellites being telecommunication and aviation and environmental.. fed power... For example, if a state launched its own satellite because the federal service was too expensive.. competition ? nope, state you can't do that !