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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post is not possible to fly prograde trajectories from Vandenberg without overflying the continental United States, which would not render acceptable Expectation of Casualty (EC) estimations for FAA commerical flight certification. The only permissible launch trajectories from VAFB are polar and retrograde orbits, and even those can be restricted because of overflight situations.

Setting aside trajectory issues, the federal government could ...[ital added]
No matter what super-duper techno-business endeavors can be postulated, OP question comes up against its truly limiting answer, of course, and there are non-hypothetical answers currently on the books, despite what any voted-for referendum claims.

As mentioned above, the final hammer comes from federal-state law. I clipped the quote from Stranger where, I believe, the strongest current national legal answer is presented.

A single state acting "for its own purposes" has been slapped down throughout US history. I wonder what Constitutional issues could be brought to bear if it reaches the Supreme Court.