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Doggie Love

I don't know if dogs feel what humans think of as love, but there have been thousands of cases of dogs behaving in a truly altruistic, even heroic fashion, and I don't think they would sacrifice themselves unless there was something very close to love there. I don't know if loyalty is enough to make one willing to die for another, but I know that love is.

I provide "end of life" care for my rescue group, meaning I take in extremely elderly, abused, neglected, sick and dying dogs, (or otherwise unadoptable dogs) and provide them with a loving, dignified place to end their days. For some of these poor things, I am the only love they have ever known. They seem very grateful, and I think that some, if they survive long enough, come to love and trust me. Others, who fell upon hard times when their elderly human guardians became unable to provide for them, seem to miss their former humans until the end of their days. I have taken this sort of dog to the hospice, to visit with their dying human, and seen the heartbreak when they realize their human is leaving them. I have taken dogs to the funerals of their humans, and I truly believe they grieve as much as any human would, and then resign themselves to living out their days with me. Sometimes, they follow their human loves almost immediately.

If these animals are not feeling love, they are certainly feeling something close enough for me.