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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
When I lived with my mom and dad, they had their dog and I had dog of my own. While both dogs loved all of us, each one seemed to know who they belonged to. Their dog seemed more bonded to them and mine was bonded more me.
This and bonding in general is why the majority of seeing eye dogs are Labrador's. They live with one family for their first year or two, then work with a trainer for a few months, then get to go with their new handler. Successful guide loves all their humans, but isn't a one-person dog.

Now for PTSD and seizure dogs the bond is the most important part and the training is much easier, so they can use a dog the human already owns etc.

(our guide dog loves the family, but will work with anyone who has food. The rescue dog on the other hand bonded to me and only me.)