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Originally Posted by Blue Blistering Barnacle View Post
In short, my answer to the OP is that dogs mostly only have love* (and hate and fear and desire and ...) bouncing around in their brains.
Not a lot of room for anything else. Bitches are smarter.

Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Dogs have a sense of their own personal mortality to the extent that they recognize dangerous situations and react with fear to them. Like, for instance, most dogs (not counting terriers, because they're insane) upon encountering, say, a bear...
Effing A! One of mine (Fiona) would distract the bear while the other (Thisbe) bit his balls off.

Originally Posted by Max Torque View Post
Humans and dogs basically evolved alongside one another. The bond between us runs deep.
This cannot be stressed enough. We wouldn't have succeeded as we did without dogs.

As for love, we recently adopted SIL's Aussiedoodle. She will be back in town for Xmas at mom's home. I said I would ask the home if it would be okay to bring him, so he could see his people-mom. Wife said, "No! You can do that if he's going back to Tacoma with her, but if he's staying it will break his heart. You remember how Dylan was when Trilby died. He nearly died until we got the Little Girls."

Now, as he's concluding that he's shit compared with them, and is learning his place in the pack, he's happy. I can even pet him without Thisbe biting his balls off.