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Originally Posted by Wendell Wagner View Post
aldiboronti writes:

> But on the other hand we all know a smart person when we meet one.

Really? I don't see any evidence that we can know how smart a person is within a few minutes after we meet them. Often it takes months to realize how smart they are. For that matter, it's not clear that some people are smart until fairly late in life. I think that showing how smart you are might be just as much about fairly random things in your life as the things that cause you to be smart. In other words, often it takes decades before a person gets put in a situation where they can show how smart they are.
Self-confidence and a well-memorized vocabulary can make a mediocre person seem superficially brilliant. I've known a few of those people, and had the misfortune of working with a couple of them too. It's like a really fancy box full of rocks.