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Originally Posted by Derleth View Post
The author even made the case that reality TV, with its emphasis on personal relationships, was increasing our emotional intelligence because we had to keep track of more personal relationships compared to the scripted shows of yore.
I have long held that a lot of the problem with modern society is caused by children learning how to socialize by watching sitcoms.

Life and relationships is not a collection of snarky one-liners delivered over a laugh track. As well, a healthy life has little controversy and bickering. Which is far too boring to show on TV.

As a result our kids learn to be snarky drama queens. Who then raise their kids the way TV taught them to.

Not good overall.

Bottom line: "enrichment" can also be derichment. The world is teaching everyone something every second of every day. Whatever you pay attention to is what's your personal teacher.

If most of someone's world is TV or Call of Duty, or whatever, then those are the lessons absorbed.