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Fleas (no pets)

A while back I noticed some bites around my ankles and calves. I also found what I assume to be fleas on me. They'd hop away and sometimes I'd kill them, but I never found more than one every couple of days. I have no pets, and no carpet in my apartment. I'd been in the apartment a little over a year so I don't think this could be the result of a previous owner's pet. I am in a relatively suburban part of Florida, and all of this started in October, so not the hottest time of year but it's not freezing or anything. I tried creating a makeshift flea trap with a light overhead a soapy bowl, but never caught any.

I didn't know what to do so I had pest control come and they did two treatments spread out over a couple of weeks. The pest control guy said he could see no real sign of flea infestation. I've been vacuuming a lot, and washed sheets in hot water. A month later and I still saw one or two fleas as recently as last night, although before that it had been a couple of weeks. Anyone have an idea where the fleas could be coming from? Can they hitch in from outside or something, and that's why I'm only seeing one every now and then?

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