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when I was in school occasionally id take history and literature classes in the normal school when they realized the only 2 subjects I actually had problems were technical English and math ( I was in sp.ed due to attention problems and physical problems and it was general policy to put kids in foster homes and such in those classes )

And back then it would be what's called gate/ap today (sort of like the classroom in the old sitcom head of the class) and it was ok since the teachers were well aware I can barley physically write and I couldn't go down the hallway with out getting lost

Well I showed up in my usual manner back then lest something was backwards shoes untied because I cant tie my shoes ...

i was embarrassed because it looked like I couldn't dress my self (to this day that's still open for debate)the teacher told be not to worry because I was mild and pointed out the kids that couldn't put a pair of shoes on .... wore one piece outfits because mom had to dress them there was a girl that couldn't count more than 10 numbers in a row ..... it sounded like I was in the mentally disabled classes

The catch ?

These were the smartest kids in 50 miles! some of them could recite the fall of the roman empire from memory.... do high school math in the 4th grade but couldn't feed themselves anything but a sandwich mostly with out making a mess ....

she said "just because your intelligent doesn't mean your smart and can do everything everyone else can"