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Originally Posted by steveisoverthere View Post
There is at least one, maybe more than one stray cat in my apartment complex. I've actually seen it by the walkway that leads to my individual apartment and maybe in the bushes around that walkway too. Not sure if it's the same one, but there's a stray cat that will hang around the mailbox area too which I see when I go check the mail.
Ah ... we have a "smoking gun" here ... any chance you can get your hands on the strays ... pet them up and scritch their heads and behind the ears ... you're looking for what seems to be scabs or bumps ... if these are what I think they are, then these cats are dropping flea eggs all around the complex ... once they hatch and eventually molt into adult forms, the little buggers will hop everyplace including on you ...

These cats need the attention of a vet ... and it's your landlord's responsibility to get them there ... he may well understand why this is a good investment already but he just needs a tenant to tell him it's time to flea treat ... stray cats do a great job keeping rodent populations way down ... but they do need some attention on occasion ...

In the meantime ... vacuum often and brush off your clothes before you go in your unit ... or flea treat the cats yourself ... though that is kinda expensive and you'll have to order the stuff online and overseas ... any product worth a shit is prescription only in the USA ...

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