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Well, liver is evil and preferred only by those who consider **mushrooms** edible, so there's that .

Anyway: We're at the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation and liver is definitely not something anyone my age or younger seems to voluntarily eat - I've certainly never heard of anyone saying "Yumm, fixing liver for dinner!". My mother loved it, as does my mother in law. Part of its loss of populariity may well be that it isn't really all that good for you especially given that its benefits (iron, protein) are readily available in the modern diet in less cholesterol-heavy forms.

One of my husband's proudest childhood memories was of the day his mother served them liver for dinner. He regaled the whole family with detailed descriptions of what he'd learned in school about what the liver *does*. His brother and sister, in a rare moment of solidarity, chimed in with plenty of appropriate EWWWWWWWWWW sounds.

His mother never served liver again. .

Other stuff: hmmm....

Weird Jello concoctions.

Instant pudding: for us growing up, it was actually a treat especially if Mom had bought some Cool-Whip (artifical flavoring and plastic, yummmmmmm).

Anything found at Lileks, for sure! (Jello often features there, as I recall).

Tuna-noodle casserole comes to mind. It's just not something you hear much about anymore, though on those rare occasions I have it, I quite like it - I have a tuna lasagna recipe that is basically TNC in a slightly different form factor.

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