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If there are stray animals or even neglected pets they may have fleas that can infest the yard. Those fleas jump off the host and then look for a new one: you. Cat and dog fleas don't really like humans as in for a continuous meal source so they typically bite you a couple of times and then jump off looking for a more favored meal. Meanwhile they hitched a ride into your house.

Short of nuking your whole complex inside and out with pesticides or diatomaceous earth the next best thing is to check your legs/pants/socks/shoes before going inside.

There was this one time we were at my folk's river cabin and they had loaned it out for a month or so to people with pets. We ended up driving home in the middle of the night because we kept getting bit by fleas. We stripped outside our front door and left the clothes outside, went straight to the shower and proceeded to soap off 10-20 fleas each.