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Originally Posted by Mama Zappa View Post
Well, liver is evil and preferred only by those who consider **mushrooms** edible, so there's that .
It's probably true that liver is rarely served as a meal nowadays, assuming it ever was particularly popular, but duck, goose, and/or chicken liver is still widely used in paté and just ordinary liverwurst, which are great snack foods. So, not entirely evil. Not sure what one does with cattle liver, though -- I sure wouldn't eat it!

I'm sorry to see that you have some kind of inexplicable aversion to mushrooms, one of the best accent foods around. Mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter on spaghetti, mushrooms on pizza, mushrooms marinated and grilled with steak, gently roasted mushrooms with prime rib -- those are culinary delights. Not to mention the wonders that can be worked on soups, stews, and rice with deep-flavored dried mushrooms like porcinis. What's wrong with you -- did you have some childhood trauma involving being chased by a giant mushroom?