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Originally Posted by silenus View Post
You people just aren't eating at the right places!

I haven't had everything mentioned in this thread, but I've had a lot, and recently.


Tuna-Noodle Casserole. In fact, I just mentioned it in this thread as something I have the ingredients for more often than not for a quick, pantry-based meal.

Steak Diane: I've made it more than a few times this year.

I make quiche at least once every couple months. I also see it on menus a fair bit.

Not so much chicken a la king, but I really like tuna a la king and make it occasionally.

Liver, in the form of paté, like wolfpup said.

Elaborate alcoholic cocktails made from a home bar play far too great of a role in my life.

Sauerbraten and German food in general: one of the best restaurants in our town is German, and there's quite a few more springing up around the area.

Beef Wellington: Used to make it for Christmas all the time. I should make it again, it's great.

Roast Chicken, at least once a month.

Salisbury steak, as long as Stouffer's Frozen counts.