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Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
Chicken a la King

Maybe we could generalize to "creamed <anything> on toast" is out of fashion.

My mother (not a great cook) used to do creamed hamburger on toast and also something she called "corned beef and English peas" which was also sauce-y and served over toast. The corned beef was from a square can, and I don't know what it was about the (canned) peas that made them English.
Chicken a la king was the first thing I thought of. Can't remember the last time I had it or saw it on a menu anywhere (though it's probably there under some fancy "rebranded" name. )

I eat aspic regularly, as it's a pretty traditional Polish and Eastern European food (especially this time of year), but I wasn't alive during the apparent aspic craze here in the US in the 50s or whenever. I love the stuff (Polish version is usually made with chicken/pork & veggies suspended in aspic) but all of my non-Eastern-European rooted friends think it's the most disgusting thing ever. It is so difficult for me to imagine it having any sort of popularity here, although I wouldn't discount it making a comeback now that I've seen things like offal make a comeback at mid-to-high end restaurants.