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What is the oddest song/piece of music you've ever heard?

Whether it be by popular musical artists, royalty free artists, on TV shows, themes, adverts etc. It doesn't have to be an actual song but an instrumental.

For me it has to be an alternative media TV show called 'On The Edge' with an economist called Max Keiser. I don't know if any dopers have hear of him but he's what you would call a bit of a conspiracy theorist or maybe 'fringe' to be less derogatory.

His musical intro along with the animation pretty much says it all. I don't think I've ever heard something similar in my entire life. I even thought of adding it as a ringtone but I don't want to seem 'attention seeking'. Despite how humorous it is, I have to say it's very enjoyable.

'On The Edge' - Episode (Youtube)

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