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I made a couple of new Christmas cookies this year. One was called a 'pizzette', which is a chocolate Italian concoction. Chocolate, almonds, coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. and dipped in a chocolate glaze, then sprinkled with coarse sugar.

The dough was extremely wet and messy. The recipe glibly called for rolling up the dough, then flattening it some and bias-cutting into cookies. HAH! It kept collapsing in a blob and trying to crawl off the counter. I was finally able to get some sort-of cookie shapes out of it, but after baking and glazing, they looked a bit like something you would pick up off your lawn. Good, though.

The other was the orange version of this recipe. They're very nice, with a bright flavor.

After Thanksgiving, I made turkey tikka masala for the first time. It was excellent.