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Originally Posted by panache45 View Post
Sometimes you never know.

She was less than five feet tall and morbidly obese. He was well over six feet tall and skinny as a toothpick. He had been born with a hair lip that was never corrected, even though his father was a surgeon. He was also learning disabled. His father did everything he could to prevent them from marrying. Her father had a heart attack during the rehearsal dinner. Coming down the aisle, she became tangled in her gown, nearly ripping it entirely off. At the reception she leaned on a table, which collapsed, bringing down both the bride and the wedding cake. He didn't help her up.

The marriage was never consummated, because he had no idea what sex was.

The marriage lasted thirty years, until she died of complications of her obesity.
Did you know these people personally?

I've known couples who didn't seem to like each other very much, and they got married anyway.