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I have a friend who hit thirty and hadn't 'caught a man'. After she had been dumped by the latest in a string of guys, her mother introduced her to a friend's son who had recently been left at the altar. These two sad, humbled, people realized they had each finally found someone who wanted to be married. They didn't care if they knew each other or liked each other, much the less loved each other. But a wedding quickly ensued.

After the shindig was over, we wedding attendants all got together for drinks. We spent a sad evening making bets on how long the marriage would last. It lasted 5 months, mostly because they both wanted it to work so badly.

So I would say that if your wedding attendants are taking bets on how short your marriage wI'll be, that is probably a clue that you haven't found your soul mate.

To cap it all off, the bride got a massive case of hives on the honeymoon.