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Originally Posted by Flyer View Post
You must run in pretty interesting circles. I don't anyone who even dated a stripper, must less actually married one.
When we were all in our mid-20s, I dated a man (J) who was good friends with a man (M) I knew from school, where we were in several activities together. M was a HS teacher, and had lamented to J that he was having a lot of trouble meeting women. J was brutally honest and told him, "Your social life consists of hanging out in strip clubs. You're probably not going to meet many women there." Around this same time, M had struck up a friendship with a stripper and was thinking about asking her for a date. J replied, "You're a teacher. She's a stripper. Think about it." Which M did, and he didn't ask her out.

I found out via Facebook that M finally married in his mid 40s and had a son a couple years later. IDK what happened to J.

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