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My brother worked for a while as a wedding photographer. He pushed real hard to sell 2 copies of their photto album, offering a real discount. He sold it as "one to lend out to your families, and one for you to keep safe at home".

But it was really so there were 2 copies when they split up.

He was sick of them coming to him, asking him to dig out the negatives from a few years ago, reprint the pictures from them for me, ... oh, and can you cut him/his family out of them? And then being real upset when he charged them for his time in doing all of that.
Or 2 copies to toss into the bonfire?

I used to work with a woman whose (now ex-) husband worked for many years as a professional photographer, and he did do a lot of weddings. He later took a job as a guard at the county jail. Guess which job he said was less stressful, and even safer?