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My brother worked for a while as a wedding photographer. He pushed real hard to sell 2 copies of their photto album, offering a real discount. He sold it as "one to lend out to your families, and one for you to keep safe at home".

But it was really so there were 2 copies when they split up.

He was sick of them coming to him, asking him to dig out the negatives from a few years ago, reprint the pictures from them for me, ... oh, and can you cut him/his family out of them? And then being real upset when he charged them for his time in doing all of that.
The idea that WFH photographers own the work and can thus sell and resell and resell material from a private event is just one more layer on the cake of "It's a Wedding - put all of your money in the bag and back away slowly." (Written as a some-time commercial photographer, note.)

Anyway, I've told the story of the young couple that lived next to us until they split in a spectacular blowup. When I walked through the empty houst (that the parents had bought for them just three years before), the only thing left was a box of wedding memorabilia, album included. Neither wanted it. (No kids.) It hurt to leave it there. Really.