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Almost like the question - "Who's stronger? A man who can lift 400lb or a 90-lb woman who can run a marathon in competitive time?" Presumably IQ is just a rough attempt to summarize the mental version of a decathlon tryout...

I read a description one of a fellow in Stalinist Russia who had a "photographic" memory. When someone challenged him on the minutes of a meeting he had typed up, for example, he could recite the conversation from the meeting verbatim. however, he was described as boring and unimaginative.

Similarly, Aspergers or other autistics may have good or even better abilities in some brain function areas but lack in others. A single adjective or a single number can't truly summarize a complex collection of capabilities. Like Jennshark, I am the least educated of my siblings or parents (only a BSc), yet I haven't see the same imaginative spark in them.