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Originally Posted by bob++ View Post
As far as I know, Flemming never actually said in the book, how GF planned to shift it.
The problem's certainly acknowledged in the book, though Goldfinger rather skates over some of the details in addressing the Mafia bosses:

'First, and in some ways most difficult, is the question of disposal. One billion dollars of gold bullion weighs approximately one thousand tons. To transport this amount would require one hundred ten-ton trucks or some twenty six-wheel heavy industry road transporters. I recommend the latter vehicles. I have a list of charter companies who hire out this type of vehicle and I recommend that, if we are to be partners, you should proceed immediately after this meeting to contracting with the relevant companies in your territories. For obvious reasons you will all wish to engage your own drivers and this I leave in your hands. No doubt' - Mr Goldfinger allowed himself the ghost of a smile - 'the Teamsters Union will prove a fruitful source for reliable men and you will probably consider recruiting ex-drivers from the Negro Red Ball Express that served the American armies during the war. However, these are details requiring exact planning and co-ordination. There will also be a traffic control problem and no doubt you will make arrangements among yourselves for sharing out the available roads. Transport aircraft will be a subsidiary source of mobility and arrangements will be made to keep open the north-south runway on the Godman Airfield. Your subsequent disposal of the bullion will, of course, be your own affair.'
He then notes that he'll "initially" be using the railways himself to move his share and asks that he have unimpeded access to them.

'Compared with this problem of transport, the other arrangements will be relatively simple [...]