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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
I have a recollection that when they tried to lift said fabric suitcase, it immediately tore. But I might be remembering it wrong or mixing it up with another movie.
I just watched Three Kings a couple of days ago. It was pretty egregious. When they got to the bunker, there were maybe 20-30 flimsy-ass suitcases; like cheap, wal-mart level roller bags, each stuffed completely full of solid gold bars, so at minimum 2 cubic feet. So, about 2000lbs according to the poster above. The suitcases tore, but no problem, because they happened to have a pile of designer bags in the corner, Louis Viton (sp?) IIRC. Apparently the designer logos are extremely strong, because those bags managed to handle being stuffed with gold no problem, and were easily passed around. Granted, they did show them as being maybe half full of gold, but we're still talking at least 500-1000 lbs each. Otherwise a pretty good movie.