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Originally Posted by Dallas Jones View Post
The bomb detonates with the digital clock still reading time left as 2:43.
Or, better yet, forget the whole "countdown" thing:

Originally Posted by Kim Possible, "Rappin' Drakken"
Dr. Drakken: While Shego keeps you busy, I shall launch my Hypertronic Devastator Drone! (pushes the button)
Kim: Wait, no countdown?
Shego: No, no, he's actually learning.
Dr. Drakken: During the time it takes the computer voice to count backwards from ten, you always manage to defeat me. Not anymore!
And all the wires in the bomb are the same color when the bomb squad opens it up.
There was a version of that in Batman: Assault on Arkham -- when Batman opened up the Joker's dirty bomb, it had a note "Cut The Red Wire" and a tangle of all-red wires.
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