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Originally Posted by Terminus Est View Post
Peter Burke, the main FBI agent in White Collar, was portrayed as happily married (to Tiffani Thiessen, no less!) and never, ever had any personal drama.
Not really notable - he's a Watson character. He's the sidekick. Sidekicks are usually normal for the times they live in. I don't know what Jennshark intended, but for me it would be the main character, the person who could not be written out. Otherwise you have a wealth of secondary characters who have nice family lives but could, if it came to it, not be a part of the show.

Marple and Columbo come close but in the former she is not an everywoman and the latter his family are hidden.

Originally Posted by psychonaut View Post
Already subverted in the fourth-season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Remember Me". People on the ship start mysteriously disappearing—as in, being completely erased from existence, including from the memories of other crew members—and Dr. Crusher is the only one who notices. She reports the problem to Captain Picard, who, while skeptical, does not outright disbelieve her, and orders an investigation. He continues to support Crusher's theory even though, to all outward appearances, she is delusional.

This cliché subversion was notable enough that it recently got written up in an feminist essay by Mirah Curzer: Star Trek’s Feminist Statement: Believe Women.
I watched that episode just a couple of weeks ago. I never noticed anything feminist about it - that it was a woman noticing the disappearances and a man believing her - but that's a point in its favour, IMO.