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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
I live in an area of very small towns, but the municipalities all have interconnected governments.

Some stupid criminal stole a bunch of cash money in one town and went into the next town two blocks away, thinking the cops couldn't catch him there.
If hearing the news reports on the radio counts, way back when I lived in Warren, Ohio, there was a robbery at a convenience store in the very early AM after the first snowfall of the year. The cops didn't immediately follow the tracks, because if of the directions you could go exiting the store, three of them would get you onto a main road or highway within three blocks.

But after they had all the paperwork done, they had to be complete. They followed the tracks one block this way, then another block that way - and found the car parked in the tracks with the crooks inside, counting out their money.

More personally, I forgot to lock the car once and someone stole the change in the dash and the bathing suit from my gym bag. If they hadn't also spread things from the glove compartment over the seat, I probably wouldn't have known.