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My mother was hit by a car that ran a stop sign. The guy got out and ran. Police show up and take a report and call for a tow truck for the now abandoned car. While waiting for the tow truck, the officer gets a call on his radio, the now wrecked car was just reported stolen.

The guys wife shows up a few minutes later and verifies it's her husband's car. The officer asks her to describe her husband. She describes the guy my mother and my aunt, she was a passenger in my mother's car, saw running from the car.

I arrived shortly after this and my mother and aunt tell me what happened. I also happen to be driving a tow truck so I could tow my mother's car. The officer asks me if I would back my wrecker up to the other car. As soon as I do, the guy that was driving it when it hit my mother jumps out of his wife's car to protest his car being towed. The officer cuffed and stuffed the guy, another wrecker showed up to haul away his car and I tow my mother's car home.