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Originally Posted by billfish678 View Post
Most trivial irritating crime.

My friend had an old beat up pickup truck...old enough that it only had lap belts, manual windows and an ALL METAL dash....some local criminal broke in and stole the ass tray with all the spare friend wasn't pissed that the change got stolen...hey, if you need $3 worth of pennies and nickels have at it...he was pissed that said criminal ALSO took the ash tray...
Someone took the ashtray and about $3 in change from my car. They didn't bother to look in the unlocked glove compartment where there was a bag with $20 of quarters in it for use at the air pumps and vacuums.

Looking for office space some years back I got to go into the Baseball Card warehouse. Boxes and boxes of every baseball card ever printed. The realtor pointed out the new security system installed after a recent break in. The cops found the perpetrators by following the trail of discarded cards back to the juveniles home down the street.