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Back in my college days I was the 6am-9am bartender at a joint near campus (Pitt); this is late 70s. All the regulars (say 20-40 or so most mornings by 8) were off-duty cops and janitors and pretty much everyone was armed. This kid, say a couple years younger than I was, walked past the door one direction, came back the opposite direction, came back a third time, grabbed the door, flung it open, pulled out a sawed-off single-shot shotgun and yelled "THIS IS A STICK------SHIT!!!!!" as he looked down a rather impressive assortment of barrels. He couldn't drop his gun fast enough. Some of the people/customers didn't even stop drinking -- just had drawn and aimed towards the door. The cops debated a while who would cuff and handle the paperwork but I stopped the debate by calling the on-duty cops and letting them have it.