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Originally Posted by Clothahump View Post
Back in the 70s, I was a deputy sheriff. One of the other deputies made a traffic stop and the guy ran. The chase came into my area, so I joined in. We finally caught him and asked him why he ran. He said that he thought he had a warrant out for failure to appear - for a previous traffic violation. He didn't.

His stupidity got him a felony evading charge and I don't know how many other traffic citations.
I pulled a girl over for speeding and she gave a false name. I think this the only time I arrested someone for obstructing when they had no reason to lie. Her license was valid. No warrants. Nothing. The worst she would have gotten was a ticket and she might not have be given that. She was from a family that taught their kids to lie to police before they could walk. Basically the TV show Shameless.

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I guess you could say he had issues.

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