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My grandmother used to grow poppies in her front yard. Some genius decided that he could make opium and dug up all her poppies one night.

My other grandmother had a nutty next door neighbor who had a barbed wire cactus in her front yard. One night, some of the local high school guys decided to rope it from the back of someoneís pick up. My granddad heard them and they drove off before they could do more than bend one of the arms. (It was a saguaro barbed wire cactus)

About two weeks later they tried it again, only this time when they drove off they left the roper behind. Seems Mrs. Pearce decided that it would be too easy to steal her cactus, so she had it set in cement. The guys couldnít see the change in the dark. When they hit the gas, instead of pulling up the cactus, it pulled the guy with the rope clean out of the truck.

So I didnít really witness either crime, but I saw the hole in one yard and a the bent cactus in the other.