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Two items, vehicle-related:

In my working-on-drilling-rig days, I left my car in the company parking lot in Denver to go out to the field. When I came back a few days later, someone had broken a window to (apparently) take the volume control and tuning knobs off the stereo.

During my living-in-Paris days, I once watched a couple of guys screech to a halt in front of my place and leap out of their vehicles to argue some point of traffic etiquette. The discussion grew more and more heated until one driver aimed a kick at the other's front fender, caving it in. This prompted the other guy to retaliate by kicking a huge dent in his opponent's door. This tit-for-tat continued for a while, until the fight just sort of petered out and both finally drove off, having done thousands of Euros-worth of damage to their cars.

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