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One of my first burglary calls as a young police officer was a person who walked through 4 inches of freshly fallen snow to their neighbors house, used his own hammer on the window next to the back door to gain entry and took the neighbor's TV and beer.
He left the hammer behind, which had his initials carved into it, just like every other tool he owned.

Now I know you are all am I not working in some high profile, cushy sleuthing job? But I confess, the homeowner had it figured out by the time I got there, but was smart enough to not disturb anything.
I walked next door and talked to the suspect, who, upon seeing that he had been outwitted by not only this young sherlock in uniform, but mother nature and the neighbor, he immediately gave me a full confession. Of course I arrested him and he was bonded out before I had even finished the report.
Two weeks later, the homeowner came in and dropped all charges. It seems the neighbor bought him twice the beer he took, returned the TV and fixed the window, apologized profusely and promised to cut his grass, fix whatever needed fixing etc if he would drop the charges.

I checked later on that summer and found that the suspect had followed through with all of his promises and he and the victim were best of friends now.