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Many years ago when I was a bank teller, one of the other tellers got robbed by a man who pretended to have a gun in his pocket. He timed it perfectly so he walked out of the bank, across the street, and got on a bus.
The dumb part was that he was a customer and we all knew who he was. The police got his name and address off his file and went to his house and arrested him.

When I lived in the city some dumb ass drug dealers decided to print up coupons for their customers. Buy four of anything and get the fifth one free. They put their name, address, and telephone number on the front of the coupons and drew a map on the back.

Friend's son, and I don't know if my friend was more embarrassed that his son committed a crime, or that he committed such a stupid one.
His son, nephew, and two of their friends decided to rob a pizza delivery guy. They used a cell phone to order the pizza and gave an address about two blocks away. They went and stood in front of that house and waited for the delivery man to show up. When he showed up one of the guys pulled a gun on him and took the pizzas and his cash - $25. The police were called and the dog basically followed the smell of the food to my friend's house, where the dumb asses were eating the pizzas. That is when they found out the nephew had lied about getting $25, it was really $125. The four of them spent 2+ years in jail for $31.25 and a pizza.

Two guys I knew.. I don't know if this counts.
They were into crack and thought they were slick. The cut the corners off a $50 bill and glued them onto $1 bills. Then they'd head downtown to buy crack. They'd fold the bills so the dealer could see only the corner with the 50 on it, so they'd get $50 worth of crack for a $1. I told them they'd get away with it exactly twice. The first time the dealer didn't notice until they were pulling away. He shouted and chased them but they were in a car and got away. The second time they went to a different corner. The third time, as I predicted, the dealers were waiting for them. Those two were very lucky they got out of there in one piece. Incredibly stupid to mess with drug dealers.