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Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
When my BIL got the car back, he discovered that the thief had opened the trunk of the car at some point, and, while he'd left the shotgun, he *had* stolen the contents of the trunk, consisting of a leather jacket and a large bottle of Tide laundry detergent.
Tide-al wave of detergent thefts.

I'm pretty sure I've posted these, but when I was in banking I was involved in one stupid robbery and knew of several others. The one where I was present involved a man who presented a teller with an "I'm armed stuff the money in this paper bag" type of note. She did, and managed to include the dye pack. He stuffed the bag down the front of his pants and ran out of the bank. Every exit door hides a transmitter that activates a dye pack on a few second delay. Dye packs release a staining dye, a skin and mucous membrane irritant (tear gas) and reach temps of well over 300 degrees F - none of which most people care to have happen in close proximity to their genitalia. We did get to see him using both hands to fling the smoking contents of the bag out of his pants as he ran across the parking lot. We may have laughed. He was found and was very easy to identify.

The next dumbest was the bank robber who made his getaway in a taxi. The cops called the cab company, got the drop off address and arrested the guy with most of the loot. He used some to pay the cabbie. Apparently he was a specialist. Robbed banks, not cabbies.