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In the 1970s, my brothers and friends and I lived in a small town with a public swimming pool. Every day, a whole pack of us would ride our bikes to the pool. Often, we would see a man who dressed entirely in red clothes. Red cowboy hat, red vest, red shirt, red jeans, red cowboy boots. Everything was fire engine red. He walked irregularly. Because it was the 1970s, and we were children, we called the guy Disco Bob - because he appeared to be Disco dancing everywhere he went. We never spoke with him. He never gave us any trouble. But, we saw him regularly - until the day our father had to put him away for having sex with the telephone pole in front of the movie theater.

One of those "I can't believe this is actually happening moments" was the day that a guy ahead of me in line at the grocery store placed one of those large gallon size cans of peaches onto the conveyor. Then, opened his pants and put his penis onto the conveyor. He looked at the cashier and said, "What do you think of that?" She picked up the peaches & crushed the guy with it. He went immediately unconscious and fell to the ground.

I don't know whatever became of either of these ... thrill seekers. But, you do have to admire their optimism.

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