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Lawyer I knew told me this one:

22-year old comes home drunk. His mother, who he lives with, is irritated and nags him about his irresponsible behavior. He gets pissed in turn and tells her he'd rather be in jail than listen to her he calls the police. They arrive at the house and he demands to be arrested. They look at him and each other...and then ask "for what?" "Well, I'm drunk." Yeah, but you're of age and in your own home...that's all legal. He insists and finally confesses to driving home drunk or they arrest him.
Now, he now doubt figured he'd get a night in jail, return home in the morning and Mom would feel bad. Turned out he'd had a minor-in-possession charge at one time which meant this was a second offense, making him a repeat offender with enhanced penalties and criminal record. Because he insisted on being arrested.

The lawyer who told me this said he thanked God every day for human stupidity.

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