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Back in high school some guy hanging out around the soccer fields decided he would drop his pants in front of my girlfriend's gym class and flash them his junk. Instead of screaming and running away, their coach yelled "Get him girls!" and they easily overtook him and gave him quite a beating until the police arrived.

A guy I grew up with robbed a local grocery store with a steak knife then hopped in a cab to get to a seedy hotel outside of town ....where the cops were waiting for him. He was seen getting in the cab, they called the dispatcher who radio'ed the cabbie asking where he was headed.

Another guy I was friends with in HS burgled a home in broad daylight with the family at home. Apparently, he walked right past the husband washing the car in the driveway in the front door past the wife in the kitchen and up the stairs. When they confronted him, he just ignored them took a couple of loose jewelry items, etc.. and walked out. The cops found him walking down the street a few blocks away. He had a knife, B & E tools, and a pair of panty hose in his pockets. I guess he just got lazy.