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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Know you were joking...but...clones (to date!) have 'em (if the species does.) Dolly the sheep had one. (A cloned frog wouldn't.) Much depends on the (futuristic) incubating tech.
That depends on how you grow the clone.
If the clone is a placental animal, and you grow it in a placental situation, yes it will have one, because it's pretty much required to live to birth.

But, if you can come up with a way to assemble and grow the clone and eliminate its need for some kind of tether (I've no idea how to pull that off mind you)
I am pretty sure there would be no naval, since no umbilical cord.

Also, i am not exactly sure on frogs, but chickens do have what i guess you could refer to as a belly button, and frogs are born in a similar fashion.
When the chick hatches there is a hole in the belly that the yoke sack is attacked to.
When it hacked, it sucks the yoke sac inside and the hole closes.
It does not make a big noticeable crater like humans have, but you can still see the very small scar where the yolk sac cord used to come out, which does equate to the same type of scar in humans for the same purpose.
Its just very small and not very pronounced