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Originally Posted by aruvqan View Post
Truly dumb question - do you actually *need* a belly button or can you have it surgically removed via plastic surgery? Since I have dumped close to 100 pounds, and will eventually end up needing the excess skin dealt with, can one simply have the navel removed?
This is EXACTLY what happened to someone that I'm very close with. The strip of excess skin that the plastic surgeon chose to remove included the navel.

More specifically, imagine a dot near the right hip and another near the left hip. Draw an arc from one to the other that reaches above the navel, and another arc lower, near the pubic area. Cut out the skin in the middle, and pull the upper area downwards and connect. The result is a very large scar-free area, and whatever scarring there might be is below the pantyline/underwear area.

The plastic surgeon offered to create a fake navel at the appropriate place. It looks fine, but has none of the nerves or sensations usually associated with a navel.