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In the documentary Blade Runner, the replicant Zhora has a navel. Replicants are "assembled" from parts and are fully grown at the get-go. (She was less than 3 1/2 years "old" at the time.)

In her case, there was no need to add it to prevent her from being aware she was a replicant as she knew that already. Unlike others.

The replicant Pris is your basic pleasure model so a navel would be expected by her clients for appearance sakes. But Zhora is an assasin. She might have had the navel added before getting the job at Taffey's club. Given her situation that seems improbable.

The issue with clones, as noted, is that the method of construction decides as to whether a navel is needed or not.

BTW, the Wikipedia article on navel disorders is quite chilling for such a short entry. Some of those conditions require removal of the navel to ensure a permanent fix.