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Originally Posted by Arrendajo View Post
When my ex-wife had reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, they removed skin from her lower abdomen for the reconstruction. She woke up from surgery with a newly constructed navel. I don't remember the surgeon even mentioning the navel reconstruction pre-op, and we were understandably too distracted with other issues to think about it at the time. But afterwards, I thought wouldn't it be cool to have no navel at all? When people asked about your lack of navel you could respond "Oh, I'm not a mammal. I was hatched from a leathery egg."
On Barsoom, the human-like Red Men of Mars are hatched from eggs (as are the six-limbed Green Men). They seem to have belly buttons.

Red (Wo)Man with belly buton

A Rykor (described to be a headless, but otherwise "perfect specimen of Red Martian". Definitely a belly button. Quote from Wikipedia:
The Chessmen of Mars introduces the Kaldanes of Bantoom. Their form is almost all head but for six spiderlike legs and a pair of chelae. Their racial goal is to evolve towards pure intellect and away from bodily existence. In order to function in the physical realm, they have bred the Rykors, a complementary species composed of a body similar to that of a perfect specimen of Red Martian but lacking a head. When the Kaldane places itself upon the neck of the Rykor, a bundle of tentacles connects with the Rykor's spinal cord, allowing the brain of the Kaldane to interface with the body of the Rykor. Should the Rykor become damaged or die, the Kaldane merely climbs upon another as an earthling might change a horse.

Green man with belly button

Green man maybe without (but obscured by sword)

I don't know if the White, Black, or Yellow men of Mars are hatched or born, and I didn't see any good pictures, anyway. All I can tell you is to be prepared for a serious fight if you bother any of these guys. They didn't make Mars the god of war for nuthin'.