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Originally Posted by Stratocaster View Post
Black, and sliced, thank you.
One of my jr high teachers lived down the road from where I grew. They always had green olives on their pizza so I was not willing to try. One time I did after I picked off the olives, it had a tang to the taste...interesting but not willing to try a pizza with them all over the place!!

Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
Olives are a crime against humanity. Whole vs. sliced is but a trifle.
I agree wholeheartedly!

Originally Posted by snfaulkner View Post
First of all, no pepperoni = not a pizza.
Secondly, olive are an abomination all by themselves.
Thirdly, some other nonsense I can't remember.
What makes a pizza, a pizza with pepperoni????

"Everyone" seems to like them that way but not the only item on it. The only time I like the pepperoni is when mushrooms, onions, green pepper and ham is on it. I can, eat, pizza with only pepperoni upon it, but, I just dont get why "everyone" seems to like the greasy round meat.

Secondly, that one bears worth repeating!! Abomination indeed!