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Originally Posted by Stratocaster View Post
That is indeed an excellent strategy. But my wife says anchovies on a pizza, even if only on half, pollutes the rest of the pizza. So when we order, it has to be on the side, with the anchovies trapped in one of those little plastic dish containers, instead of resting free on top of the pizza like God intended.
The one time I was intentionally rude to a waitress involved a similar instance.

We ordered a pizza with anchovies, and through whatever failure, they were not put on. The waitress then tried to gloss it over by offering a dish of anchovies - "You can put them on it, and it's, ya know, like, the same thing " instead of asking if we wanted to do that or wait for a redo.

I would have been quite reasonable if she had done this, but just trying to shine us on set me off. I have a facility with accents and dialects and a strong tendency to sarcasm, so I fired back at her in an exaggerated version of the Valley Girl she had lapsed into, and asked her how she would feel if she had ordered a hamburger and gotten raw meat "'Cause it's, like, ya know, the same, like, thing" followed by more in the same vein. I don't know if she had never dealt with criticism, or what, but she took it rather badly.

More than a bit petty, but it's like the meme "You had one simple job, and ". I left a fair tip anyway, as service staff depend on that, and I didn't want to punish her more then the verbal reprimand.