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Originally Posted by Trinopus View Post
Shrimp shells: yum! Crunchy chitiny goodness. Seriously, I like 'em that way, and there are some studies that say the fiber is good for you. Dunno about that, but I like the crunch!

(Lobster shells are much too thick. My teeth aren't strong enough! But crayfish/crawfish shells: jes' fine!)
I have doubts that the shell would break down enough to act as fiber rather than an indigestible lump (a question of scale, I grant), but there is a weight-loss fiber derived from shrimp shells. Chitosan is chitin processed with acid to remove the carbonate component and then neutralized. On the other hand, maybe your stomach acid will do that …

There is research going on aimed at using it to make biodegradable "plastic" bags also. Apparently the remaining components will polymerize if correctly treated.

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