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I don't know if this helps but:

The first record alvin had a sweater and the other two had vests with their letters.

The original cover of the second album had them all with sweaters, (maybe?)

The cartoon came later and as the animator was Herbert Klynn's Format Films which also did Mr. Magoo I would assume that maybe they extended the sweater to simplify the animation for the Alvin Show.

But this is only a guess as Mr. Magoo was greatly simplified after the original Mr. Magoo - Ragtime Bear from 1949.

If you look for "When Magoo Flew" from 1955 all of the legs are just simple black lines.

There is a boy in another award winning animation by the same person called Gerald McBoing-Boing that has a boy wearing a shirt that looks similar.

So to me it is unclear if this was for ease of animation or just an artistic style.