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I want to know what happened in Sherlock Holmes' Adventure of the Lighthouse, the Politician, and the Trained Cormorant.

It's one of the many "unrelated" cases that Doyle has Watson refer to. This one is mentioned in the Adventure of the Veiled Lodger, but never explained or referred to again.

No doubt there have ben pastiches of it over the years (I'm not familiar with any). I've composed some in my head. I doubt if Doyle ever really had anything in mind, and if he ever did try to write it later he might botch it. (The Adventure of the Second Stain was originally one of those only-referred-to cases. When Doyle actually wrote one of that title, it was a good story on its own, but inconsistent with what he had originally written).

It's the interesting possibilities conjured up by that trio that make me curious. And what might come of it. I'm convinced that Frederick Forysyth conceived of parts of Day of the Jackal after ruminating on the untold Sherlock Holmes story of The Affair of the Aluminum Crutch.