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Originally Posted by Trancephalic View Post
Wearing pants is a big enough pain when you don't have a tail complicating things
Tails and clothing are an awkward intersection among the anthropomorphic set, it's true. In the old days, artists and animators skirted the issue (so to speak). They either had their creations eschew lower-body coverings, or clothing entirely, or they gave them loose enough outfits to cover the tail. (Conveniently, this also simplified drawing them.)

The Chipmunks' original look was the former, combined with a much stronger animal element in their appearance. They were critters dressed up in little costumes. In their later, more anthropomorphic incarnations, their sweaters were extended to cover the rest of their bodies. Since they have short tails, it's not a big leap to just cover them up. Why exactly the artist felt the need to cover them, I don't know--it could be for ease of animation, as rat avatar suggests, or it could be that they ended up looking a little too human-like, and someone decided that having them parade around with their tails hanging out was a problem.

Now, of course, the Tail Problem is mostly solved: a simple notch in the back waistline of the clothing article with a button or snap flap that goes over it, sort of like a zipperless fly in the back. Tail goes in the notch, flap is buttoned over the base of the tail, and everything is secure. (Of course, not everyone has gotten the memo. Or maybe the theriomorph in question has just been slow to update her wardrobe, since she's only recently wered.)

Well, the Tail and Clothing Problem. Chairs and other seats are still an issue.